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The first and offical thenewno2 community

to rule the internet world.

you are here.
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Guidelines to our community

1]Pictures,reviews,articles, interviews, graphics, questions, as long as they are related are welcomed.

2]All posts are moderated and will be either approved//rejected by the mods.

3]If the news is somehow related to only Dhani then please visit and post at our sister community dhani_harrison.

4]THERE IS NO SHARING of any of the released album, You Are Here. Please help the band by purchasing the album.

Welcome to the community for the band thenewno2.. The purpose of this community is to keep fans in constant updates for the band,share pictures, reviews, and graphics.
the band.

Dhani Harrison on lead guitar, synths and vocals, Oli Hecks on drums and synths. New album features performances by Nick Fyffe on bass, Marc Mann on Acoustic Guitar and Tom Hammond ..o. Live Band members are: Dhani Harrison: Lead Vocals/Guitar, Oli Hecks: Drums, Jon Sadoff: Keyboards/Guitar/vocals, Jeremy Faccone: Guitar/vocals, Jason Hiller: Bass


any of these:

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dhani harrison, jason hiller, jeremy faccone, jon sadoff, oliver hecks, thenewno2